Intrinsic Drive™

Tapping Into Purpose with Andrew Nemr

May 19, 2021 Phil Wharton Season 1 Episode 3
Intrinsic Drive™
Tapping Into Purpose with Andrew Nemr
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Show Notes

Andrew Nemr is an internationally known performer, choreographer, educator, and speaker. Andrew has performed with Grammy award-winning musicians, Jazz icons such as Harry Connick Jr, Duke Ellington Orchestra, the Lionel Hampton Orchestra, and the legendary Les Paul. The  New York Times referred to Andrew as a "master tapper."  Nemr's work has been recognized with a TED Fellowship. Andrew founded the tap dance company
Cats Paying Dues and co-founded the Tap Legacy Foundation, along with his mentor tap icon Gregory Hines.

In this episode, Andrew shares his early motivation after watching Gregory Hines and Savion Glover in the movie Tap. Andrew shares his devastation at being excluded from his mentor's show. He shares his spiritual journey and pivot back from exhaustion and burnout. We are excited to welcome Andrew to this episode fo Intrinsic Drive®. 

Intrinsic Drive® is produced by Ellen Strickler and Phil Wharton. Special thanks to Andrew Hollingworth, our sound engineer and technical editor.  For more information on this and other episodes visit us at   Follow us on socials including Instagram @intrinsicdrivelive