Intrinsic Drive™

A to Z Running with the Ripleys

December 01, 2021 Phil Wharton - Wharton Health Season 2 Episode 5
Intrinsic Drive™
A to Z Running with the Ripleys
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Show Notes

Zach and Andi Ripley were recruited as student athletes to the same university, where they met, became teammates, and married. In this in-depth conversation we traverse the inception of their competitive drives, race anxieties, and Zach's desire to separate his running identity from the person who just “loved to run” and move in alignment with his faith.  We also learn how Andi  overcame her fear of failure and expectations by transitioning to running as a meditation, resulting in a  drop in marathon times. 

The Ripleys share their low moments  - Zach missing the Olympic Trials steeplechase standard and the marathon by the narrowest of margins and  Andi almost losing her training partner and former teammate after a devastating car accident left her with brain trauma, sustained while on a training run. 

We discover their pivots as they find purpose, learn to find joy in the process, turn their injuries and experiences into opportunities for growth, and connect with their community on their A to Z running podcast and coaching resources. I so enjoyed my time with Andi and Zach. We welcome the Ripleys to this episode of Intrinsic Drive™

Intrinsic Drive™ is produced by Ellen Strickler and Phil Wharton. Special thanks to Andrew Hollingworth, our sound engineer and technical editor.  For more information on this and other episodes visit us at Follow us on socials (links below) including Instagram  @intrinsicdrivelive


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