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Betting on Yourself with Brett Gotcher

December 15, 2021 Phil Wharton - Wharton Health Season 2 Episode 7
Intrinsic Drive™
Betting on Yourself with Brett Gotcher
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Show Notes
As an eighth grader, Brett Gotcher viewed running as a tool to improve his conditioning for basketball. Under the tutelage of Aptos High School coach Dan Gruber, he began to improve, seeing the possibility of cross country and track becoming his new focus. Brett became a dominant force, eying the potential of a way to pay for college. This Watsonville, California native enjoyed a stellar high school career, winning four consecutive SCCAL championships in the 3200m, three in the 1600m, and posting the 12th fastest high school 10,000 meters in US history. 

After a self-described lack luster college career at Stanford, Brett was inspired to continue running post collegiately.  After graduation he was encouraged by a former teammate to accept an invitation from coach Greg McMillan, who was starting an elite distance running club in Flagstaff, Arizona. Under Greg’s guidance, support from his training partners, and the Flagstaff community, Brett enjoyed training and rekindled his competitive fire. 

He shares his low moment of not finishing the 2016 US Olympic Marathon Trails. Subsequently, a meeting with Brian DeDiego, a friend and coach at a rival high school encouraged him to begin a new career as a real estate agent. Brett has converted his ability to connect with people, hard work, and attention to detail in his real estate business as co-founder of the Santa Cruz Real Estate Team.  

Brett was a member of the 2008 US World Championship Half Marathon Team; 2009 US World Championship Cross Country Team; and  USA 20k National Champion. In the 2010 Houston Marathon he ran the 4th fastest debut in US history, finishing in 2:10:36. He was also an alternate for the 2012 London Olympic Marathon, finishing 5th in the Olympic Trials posting 2:11:09. I had so much fun catching up with this humble champion. We warmly welcome Brett to this episode of Intrinsic Drive™.

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Editor's Note: "Gentleman's Pace" credit Peter Gilmore